WhatsApp WordPress plugin: How to add live chat button for free

There are multiple ways to add a live chat WhatsApp button to WordPress. In this guide we will show you how you can easily use our WhatsApp WordPress plugin, step by step with images to add chat functionality to your website.

Whatsapp has become one of the world’s most used means to communicate with businesses and to shop online. Since the introduction of new features such as the Business profile, Products Catalog and more, new opportunities were opened for business owners to use WhatsApp to market and sell their products and services online.

Before we started Orgwany we tried all of the WhatsApp integrations, buttons and widgets available online. All of them! We still couldn’t find one that was engaging and invites the website users to start texting with our businesses. And that was how Orgwany was born…

1. Download and install the WhatsApp WordPress plugin

The first step is to go to our Whatsapp Button and Widget Plugin for WordPress page and click the download button. You will get a ZIP file containing the plugin that you need to install in WordPress.

Next, log in to your WordPress website dashboard. With your mouse hover over “Plugins” in the menu on the left and click “Add New”.

Whatsapp WordPress plugin guide step 1.2
In your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins menu then click Add New

Then, next to the page title click “Upload Plugin”. You will be shown a box where you can choose a file to upload. Click “Choose File” then choose the plugin ZIP file that you have just downloaded and click “Install Now”.

Whatsapp WordPress plugin guide step 1.3
Click Upload Plugin and upload the ZIP file you downloaded

When the installation is done, click “Activate Plugin” to active it.

Whatsapp WordPress plugin guide step 1.4
Activate the Whatsapp WordPress plugin

That was easy, wasn’t it ? Now let’s create a free account and customize your WhatsApp button and widget before so it would match your business identity.

2. Create a free account and customize your widget

Let’s go to the Create new account page to create your free account. The new account for is simple and takes exactly 1 minute.

Whatsapp WordPress plugin guide step 2.1
Create an account for free on Orgwany

After creating your account you will be automatically signed in to your Orgwany account dashboard.

Click on the “New Widget” button to create your first customizable WhatsApp button and widget.

Whatsapp WordPress plugin guide step 2.2
In your new account, click Add New Widget

Fill in the information of required in the form. Remember to add the WhatsApp number with your country code. This will be the number that your customers will contact you on via WhatsApp. When you’re done, click “Create widget”.

Whatsapp WordPress plugin guide step 2.3

You have just created your WhatsApp widget and you should now see the “Integration” tab in the widget settings. We don’t need that now since we are using the WordPress plugin.

Go directly to “Customize” and start customizing your WhatsApp widget. Be sure to enter an attractive automated message to show to your website visitors and to invite them to contact you. When you’re done, click “Save”.

Whatsapp WordPress plugin guide step 2.4
Customize your WhatsApp chat widget

If you get a success message then you’re all done! Now the last step is to activate your plugin integration in WordPress. Head over to the next and last step.

3. Activate WhatsApp plugin with your integration key

Let’s head back to the “Integration” tab and choose the WordPress Plugin method. At the bottom of the page you will find your widget integration key. Copy it and go to the next step.

Whatsapp WordPress plugin guide step 3.1
Open the Integration tab and copy your widget integration key

Go back to your WordPress dashboard and under the “Settings” menu click “Orgwany”.
You will find an input field to enter your widget integration key. Paste the code that you have just copied and click “Save changes”.

Whatsapp WordPress plugin guide step 3.2
Enter your widget integration key in WordPress plugin settings

After you click save you should get a success message “Widget key updated”. You can now go to your website homepage and try the WhatsApp chat button and widget.

Whatsapp chat button on website demo
This is how the WhatsApp chat button looks in the bottom right
Whatsapp chat widget on website demo
And this is how the chat widget looks like when the button is clicked

Congratulations! Your have successfully installed WhatsApp chat button on your WordPress website.

We would really appreciate your feedback and suggestions about the widget and the integration. We are working on improving Orgwany and we listen to our users openly. Also let us know if you think this guide can be further improved.

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